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About us

Alpha Strength & Power was created to help people get strong physically and mentally. We want to expose everyone to the refining qualities of resistance training, Olympic Style Weightlifting and Strength Lifting.

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Strength Training


Learn how to properly execute compound barbell exercises and their variations. Build foundations in strength and apply the refining qualities to your everyday life. Loose fat and build muscle tissue.
No Contracts
Up to 3x a Week Frequency
Progression Based Programming
Access to Open Gym
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Olympic Weightlifting


Explore the world of the classic lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. East Asian and Eastern European training styles unite to create the Tru-Alpha Style of Olympic Style Lifting. We will coach you and improve your results where it counts! Become a Champion and Experience the fun and challenging world of recreational and competitive Weightlifting!
No Contracts
Up to 2x a Week Frequency
Individualized and Phasic Based Programming 
Access to Barbell Club Program
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For competitive powerlifting training, please refer to our partner coaching program: TruBorn Strong
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Meet your new coaches

Isabelle Marosek LMT, BRM, PPSC
Isabelle Marosek is both an LMT and a personal training coach who specializes in Olympic Weightlifting. Back in 2019, She was second in the nation as a junior athlete. During this time she had the privilege to travel to China and study for two weeks under two retired athletes who were formerly world team members and a handful of elite-level coaches who coach at the Olympic and world levels. Shortly after the trip she went home and took home silver on the clean and jerk lift at the national level. But suffering from patella tendonitis that inhibited her from progressing on to qualify for worlds. Ultimately, that got her into massage therapy where she specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, and rehab. Having the sports background mixed with the massage experience, she is able to mix the modalities together to enable the quickest and most efficient way to help heal the body.
Isabelle Marosek LMT, BRM, PPSC
Anthonyvan (Tony) Garay, BS, CSCS
Tony is a highly experienced coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. Having served over 17 years in the Army National Guard, Tony has helped soldiers and athletes ranging from Army Rangers to retired medical providers and collegiate level performers to help extend their careers. In his coaching career, Tony has helped clients achieve their weight loss goals, win powerlifting competitions and turn video game addicts into National Level competitors. He has studied under the best coaches in the business. From Starting Strength, Team Muscle Driver USA, Barbell Medicine, and much much more, Tony is always seeking to improve his Coaching methods and movement in the fitness industry.
Anthonyvan (Tony) Garay, BS, CSCS

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